Thank you to all the Users who reported the spam from the last 10 days.

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Thank you to all the Users who reported the spam from the last 10 days.

Postby Belldandu » Sun May 22, 2016 3:19 am

As you all know we did a move about 10 days ago to a dedicated server. And since then i've been fixing issues that have arised one by one. One of the more recent things i fixed were the forums.

What was wrong with the forums?

There was a broken mod on the forums that was no longer compatible with the version we had before that was supposed to block spam.

After upgrading the forums i installed 2 extensions.
Antispam by CleanTalk and Stop Forum Spam. I also disabled the new contact us button (sorry to all the users that need it).

This should cut down on all the spam.

Thanks to recent user reports on rule violating posts. We managed to contain the spam problem that had occured during the upgrade of the forums so i myself would like to thank all of you who reported said posts.

For those of you wondering if the contact us button will come back:

Yes it will come back, at the moment a phpbb former team member is working on a fix for the spam problems experienced with the contact us button, see ... &t=2372826

Once the extension is finished i will install it and people will be able to use the button again.

EDIT: Extension is installed :D

I am in the process of Pruning spam accounts so mysql might throw some errors over the next few minutes.


Pruning has completed. Total number of spam accounts: 6,576

Yes you heard me right. And all of them are gone.
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